In this document, we will detail and list what rules and regulations are required parameters for broadcasters and display pilots to adhere to when displaying at Virtual Air Festivals.


All applications will be subject to open and closed status, this allows applicants to apply online with due time before events.

Applications must be filled out to the best of the registrars abilities and the best of detail, without subject to change.


As we broadcast on live services such as / Facebook / YouTube, it is a requirement that all applicants and participants are over the age of 13, this follows the broadcasting guidelines set by our broadcasting services, please note that anyone without consent of broadcast or under their own will of broadcast will be subject to stream live cut.



We prohibit the use of the following: Racism, bullying, aggression, sexism, the use of language in insulting or negative behaviour. 



Virtual Air Festivals holds events live for its community and communities alike, as a broadcasting events group we request the following from performers.



Live Displays:

Solo demonstration maximum time: 20 Minutes.

Aerobatic team maximum time: 60 minutes.

Multi-role demonstration team maximum time per act: 15 Minutes


Recorded Displays:

Displays are naturally held live over our broadcasting platforms, in an instance where performers are not able to display live, a previous recording of the display would become adequate for production if following, review standards.



Performers and Display Teams may have sponsors and endorsements, it is our duty of care that we hold the use of promotional content alike for these displays, if your sponsor allows their media and trademark to be broadcasted during your teams’ demonstration, we will do according to our broadcasting standards.



Each team is reliable for its performers’ title or origin, this co-insides, that more than one of the same team may not enter into application, this holds creation protection for those teams.


Teams that hold an official document, via email or in association letter will stay as titled, if a team holds official standards but is not endorsed or supported by their real-life counterparts, Virtual Air Festivals takes no liability in the content your subject to produce for events.



We are aware that inside the community there are more than one of the same demonstration team.

We allow the reserved right to those who produced first, this keeps a level community statute, supporting teams that have been established from performers alike, an exception can be made provided duplicate teams are running as counterparts.


Please note that military simulated demonstrations are accepted at Virtual Air Festivals, but please note the following display of force MUST NOT USE LIVE AMMUNITION, but simulated ammunition canons along the show line.​​



Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p) 60fps

Output: 4500kbps – 6000kbps

Audio: 48khz


You must only broadcast the content that is produced by your team, this is concerning logo’s, images. 

We request that no overlays during your demonstrations, if an overlay is to be used, this can be incorporated on the master broadcast as advertisements are to be used equally throughout the show.

Music is subject to DMCA, if your display uses music, please provide on application the licence link, that informs our staff that your content can be used for displays associated with your group.

Many companies such as Monstercat and Epedemic sounds promote purchasable licences, free to use audio can also be found on the web, if your display has a narrator and music, we would like to ask that your narrator is the voice of your show and not the music.

Music that marks as DMCA will result in clip cuts during live broadcast relays and uploads, and or a licence request may be requested in order to clear your clip of any DMCA muting.

Virtual Air Festivals takes no responsibility if you or your team fail to use the correct licence as this should be provided by the registrar at the time of application. 



If you are unable to demonstrate at any of our events, please let us know at least 7 days before any event.

If at any point you are unable to attend on the day, please produce or provide a previous recording of your demonstration for continuity of the event.