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Applying for an Event:

All applications will be subject to open and closed status, allowing applicants to apply online with sufficient time before events.

Applications must be filled out to the best of the registrars’ abilities and with detailed information. Changes to applications may not be allowed.

Age Requirements:

All applicants and participants must be over the age of 13, in compliance with broadcasting guidelines set by our streaming services. Those without broadcast consent or under their own will to broadcast will be subject to live stream termination.

Our Rules:

Prohibited actions include racism, bullying, aggression, sexism, and the use of insulting or negative language.

Aerobatic Competency Evaluation:

Max Introduction Length (video)

    • Solo – 2 minutes
    • 2 ships/3 chips – 3 minutes
    • 4 ships – 4 minutes
    • 5+ ships – 5 minutes

Max Ground Operation

    • Solo – 2 minutes
    • 2 ships/3 ships – 3 minutes
    • 4 ships – 4 minutes
    • 5+ ships – 5 minutes

Max Demonstration Length

    • Solo – 15 minutes
    • 2 ships/3 chips – 25 minutes
    • 4 ships – 35 minutes
    • 5+ ships – 45 minutes

VIAF Restricted Airspace: A 5nm (~10km) radius around show center. This requirement may be exceeded for timing reasons if additional airplanes performing in the same show are inside the aerobatic box.

VIAF Aerobatic Box: A rectangular box shape of 6,000ft (~2km) in front of the tower, 13,000ft (~4km) left and right, and a ceiling up to 15,000ft (4.5km).

The aerobatic box must not remain empty for longer than 2 minutes during any performance, except in cases of technical difficulties. Aerobatic maneuvers directly above the virtual public are not allowed.

Recorded displays are not allowed; only live and real-time performances are permitted.


Performers and Display Teams may have sponsors and endorsements. Promotional content from sponsors may be broadcasted if authorized by the sponsor and in accordance with broadcasting standards.

Teams of Origin:

Teams are responsible for their performers’ title or origin. Multiple applications from the same team may not be accepted to protect team creation.

Teams of Official Standards:

Teams holding official documents will retain their titles. Virtual Air Festivals is not liable for teams with official standards that lack endorsement or support from their real-life counterparts.

Teams of Duplications:

In cases of duplicate teams, preference will be given to the team that was established first. Exceptions can be made if duplicate teams are operating as counterparts.

Mil-Sim Demonstrations:

Non-aerobatic performances must demonstrate a clear connection to an air show performance. Weapons are not allowed unless authorized by VIAF Organizers.

Broadcasting Requirements:

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p) at 60fps.
  • Output: 3500kbps.
  • Audio: 48khz.


Broadcast only the content produced by your team. Overlays may only be used if incorporated into the master broadcast as advertisements. Music used in displays must have the appropriate DMCA license, and narrators should be the primary audio source, not music. DMCA-protected music may result in clip cuts or license requests.


Notify us at least 7 days in advance if you are unable to demonstrate at any event. If unable to attend on the day, provide a previous recording for event continuity.