Virtual Summer Air festival 2021

Saturday 3rd July 2021 3pm – 9pm UTC+1

Virtual Air Festivals is proud to help support the Virtual Aero Display Group.

Live on Twitch.tv, Virtual Aero Display Group will be the host of this year’s Virtual Summer Air Festival here at Virtual Air Festivals.

NEWS / Virtual summer air festival 2021

Virtual Summer Air Festival 2021

We are happy to announce our summer show here at Virtual Air Festivals.

Partnering up with Virtual Aero Display the Virtual Summer Fest airshow will be held on the 3rd of July 2021, showcasing performers such as the Virtual PC-7 Team, Sparflex, VAT Flying Cobras, Wolf Delta and many more.

About Virtual Aero Display!

The Virtual Aero Display (VAD) is a virtual airshow group creating virtual airshows annually for the Digital Combat Community but also accepts other simulators into their events.

The VAD has already hosted various events throughout its years and we are happy to announce its next show on July 3rd 2021.

To find out more, head over to www.vad-aero.net.

Schedule – times are permitted to change

15:00 Introduction
15:10 Aerobatic Team Relax
15:40 Virtual Sparflex – Jet-e-Sons
16:10 Gusto Aerobatic Display
16:25 Aerobatic Team Delta
16:35 Team REVA
17:00 Advertisement Brake
17:10 Virtual Aerobatic Team Skyline
17:40 Virtual SoloTurk
18:00 The Ace Makers
18:15 Virtual Aerobatic Team Aviators
18:50 Virtual Yako Team
19:05 Rafale Solo Display Team Virtuel
19:15 Shadow Aerobatics
19:40 Razbam Harrier Team
20:00 Wolf Delta
20:30 Virtual Tucano Display Team
20:45 Virtual PC-7 Team + Swiss Display Team

Virtual Aero Display 2021 Video REEL

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