VAF at a glance

Virtual Air Festivals is an international virtual event production group, Leading in virtual airshow and media event production.
We are leaders in designing, producing and delivering virtual events to communities and aerospace enthusiasts globally.
We aim to produce professional and high standards in virtual events’ to create the best environment for our viewers and our community.

Our Mission

Virtual Air Festivals is a committed group of individuals that aim to produce the highest level of media publication for virtual events.

We Aim to lead the community by example, with over 17 years of virtual event production, aiding in the support for our communities growth and our support to real-world communities and charities.

Our Goal

Our goal at Virtual Air Festivals supports the phrase “For the community, by the community,” showing our love for the community we produce events with and the real world ties as producers.

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Operations Team

Sidney Christen

Sidney Christen

Staff leader

Sidney Christen is the Staff Leader for Virtual Air Festivals. A graduate of a visual arts school, he uses his acquired technical skills to add value to Virtual Air Festivals. As a veteran in this community, he understands the needs and demands of the teams to work in the best possible conditions. His additional professional training allows him to participate in the creation of content for events, as a motion designer, video creator and 3D modeller.

Press Kit Media

Inside our press kit includes logos and other publications, media for advertisement and media creation.

Please note that by downloading and utilising our brand and logo’s you will refrain from creating illegal and non-profitable content that will financially benefit yourself or any other party, protecting our group under ist non for profit standings.





Virtual Air Festivals joined foces with the Virtual Red Arrows, RAF Esports and Thrustmaster at the Royal International Air Tattoo 2022.

Providing a hands on experiance like no other, bringing the real world into the virtual world, using flying simulators and core hardware that supports a true Virtual Reality experiance.


Durning the global pandemic, the Royal Air Force Charitable trust and Royal International Air Tattoo sought help and support from the staff at Virtual Air Festivals.
Helping support and produce content for the tattoos first virtual event in 2020 and to support its development again in 2021.


Virtual Aero Display joins Virtual Air Festivals to combine two virtual airshows and communities.

Onboarding with Virtual Air Festivals, the staff at Virtual Aero Display are supporting events throughout the season, hosting the Virtual Air Festival Summer show in 2021.