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Find out how we use our donations to support our community.

Virtual Air Festivals is proudly non-profit, meaning everything we receive goes back into the community in creative ways!

Our volunteers span across the globe, aiding in air events and charity days throughout the year, to provide the best experience of aviation virtually.

Where does the money we collect go?

VAF Events

We produce a variety of virtual & real events each year, open to all, we aim to provide content that is suited to all personnel that wish to take the time and watch.

Marketing Resources

We use very little out of the pot of donations to promote Virtual Air Festivals each year and always look for the best solution so we can donate more time and effort out of the office.

All marketing purchases can be utilized multiple times, this is a resuable resource, that can aid in the promotion of our non-profit goals.

Charity Days

We love spending time in the field, aiding with charity work and helping to raise money for those truly in need of support, whilst we can’t support everyone all at once, we make it our goal to try.

Running Costs

Virtual Air Festivals annual cost is £232.76 (excluding event costs) and all donations aid towards the running of our organisation are donated by the volunteer staff, sponsors, investors and the community.

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We give you the option to decide how much you would like to donate and have added quck amounts / monthly amounts for those who like to click and go, please note that PayPal add fees onto donations, more information is below.

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Please contact our team using the following details below.
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Paypal requires a fee of 2.9% + £0.30 per donation we have given you the option to add or include this in your donation.

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Please note that all donations under £100 are non-refundable, if the amount is over £100, a refund can be made to return the amount minus the fee of the transaction.